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Jr. Forensic Imaging Consultant - Level I Tech Support & Traveling Student Instructor
Job Summary The primary objective of this role is to support the team and our clients through phone, email, and remote computer meeting tools and product manufacturing while learning how to manage and conduct on-site educational training events independently.
Experience At least two years’ related experience is required.
Pay Range $14.00/$19.00 Hourly Position (Plus Travel Expenses)
Travel Local and national business travel will be required. TSA-Pre or equivalent is required within six months of employment. (Employee must have and maintain a clean valid NV driver’s license, proof of insurance and a valid passport at all times.)
Location Boulder City, Nevada
Work Schedule Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Hours will vary depending on company needs. Fridays and weekends will be required with limited advanced notice.
Probation Period Paid after probation period, with some conditions.
Holidays Paid after probation period, with some conditions.
Group Health Plan Yes, after two months of full time active employment.
Physical Requirements Must be able to lift and move 70 pounds.

Includes, but is not limited to performing various multifaceted general office and warehouse support duties as needed, both in and around Boulder City, NV and at external events such as trade shows around the nation. Activities will include product testing and assembly, printing, packing and unpacking, stock counts, full trade show event support, cleaning, picking up and dropping items at the post office or courier service, picking-up and dropping off people, packages and vehicles at the airport and other work as assigned.
Background Check Yes
Drug Testing Random
Skills A dynamic, confident, positive people person with A personality able to handle and solve complex technical problems, over the phone, on live video and in person at client locations throughout the country. You will use your extensive client, server and network knowledge to teach clients how to effectively use our products and services.
  • Excellent deductive reasoning, problem solving and process of elimination skills.
  • Intimate understanding and knowledge of Windows based client and some server operating systems including networked business computers, servers, hubs, routers, switches and connected devices.
  • Above average knowledge of Windows server systems including active directory, group policies, rights, permissions, restrictions and security settings.
  • Extensive direct hands on experience with the installation of various operating systems and wide experience installing various software applications, directly and/or remotely.
  • Extensive understanding of UNC and drive mapping and storage technologies such as SAN and NAS devices.
  • Incredible patience and listening skills when working with other staff and clients.
  • Some knowledge of state and federal law related to HIPAA, sexual assault and domestic violence.
  • Able to work and communicate with various industries such as legal, medical and technical.
  • Able to adapt quickly and learn new skills about new products and about new industries.
  • Some knowledge of software encryption.
Job Details The primary objective of this role is to support the team and our clients through phone, email, and remote computer meeting tools while learning how to manage and conduct on-site training events independently. You will be part of an exceptional team that provides excellent helpdesk support and services, both internally and externally. You get tasks done correctly and on time. Confidentiality and flexibility is very important. This position is a good fit for a positive, prompt, highly focused, energized, innovative and multi-talented individual. You will work with other support personnel in an evaporative cooled, non-air conditioned commercial, industrial manufacturing warehouse environment. You will assist with overall customer support, organization and product manufacturing through the direction of your manager(s). You take direction well and will expand on an opportunity and excel beyond expectations. You will accept and complete other various tasks/duties as assigned.
Computer Skills You will use your extensive years of computer technical support skills along with your excellent English language skills for a multitude of various on-site and off-site technical support events, training and manufacturing tasks. You know the difference between a .jpg and a RAW, you know Active Directory, Fat32, NTFS, EXIF, SCSI, IDE, SATA, Cat 6, USB and HDMI. You can explain the difference between a megabit and a megabyte to a novice and you are exceptional at installing operating systems and software applications.
Office Work Includes, but is not limited to performing various multifaceted general office and extensive client support duties as assigned. You will provide technical support services through telephone, e-mail, and remote computer meeting tools both in-person and on live video. You will be tasked with internet research projects, Sugar CRM account maintenance and client/lead record maintenance. You may prepare business correspondence and reports and answer and respond to correspondence both internally and externally. You will sort, scan, file and shred and clean as needed. You may schedule and coordinate meetings, interviews, events and other similar activities for yourself and others. You may book flights, hotels, transportation, events and special events as needed for yourself and others.

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