Forensic Camera System Components

The chart below details the components of the Standard and Contrast Camera Systems

SDFI-TeleMedicine System Features Full SDFI Standard Camera System 8th Generation & Above Full SDFI Contrast Camera System 8th Generation & Above
Optional Video Available Available
Live View* Available Available
Touch Screen Available Available
Fast Flash System (Uses Four AA Alkaline Batteries) Available Not Applicable
Flip-Out LCD Screen Available Available
Shoots High Resolution Photos Fast & Easy Available Available
Stores Encrypted Images On Your Own Computer Or Network (20 MB Images) Available Available
See Images Better Using SDFI Software's Forensic Tools Available Available
SDFI Negative Invert Filter Available Available
Creates RAW & JPG Files Available Available
Enter .JPG Images Into Any EHR** Available Available
AES 256-Bit "Military" Encryption Software Available Available
Onsite Hands On Training Day - One Day, Time & Location Available Available
1 Year Camera System Warranty Available Available
Unlimited Customer Service For The Life Of The Product (As Long As It Is Used For Medical Or Legal) Available Available
SDFI Loaner Camera Program Available Available
SDFI Software License Updates & Maintenance Available Available
Auto Focus And Lighting For Still Pictures Available Available
Auto Focusing For Video Available Available
Low Profile Tripod, SDFI Hand Remote & Foot Pedal, For Hands Free Photography Available Available
Fully Portable - Includes SDFI Camera System Carry Case and SDFI Camera Stand Case Available Available
Configured SDFI SD Cards, Cables & Camera Accessories Available Available
Take High Resolution Photos In Dim OR Dark Environments With UV, a Contrast Light, formally known as ALS Not Available Available
Ultraviolet Yellow Safety Glasses (3 sets) Not Available Available
Ultraviolet Contrast Light (Approximately 390nm) Not Available Available
Includes Second SDFI Pre-Configured Contrast Camera System Not Available Available
Required, Not Supplied
SDFI Needs A High Speed Internet Connection (Not Dial Up!)

Not Supplied

Not Supplied
Required, Not Supplied
SDFI Needs A Windows Computer, Less Than 2 Years Old With 750GB Of Network Hard Drive Space

Not Supplied

Not Supplied
Optional, Not Supplied
One HDMI Television
Not Supplied
Not Supplied
*View Subject on Flip-Out LCD Screen Without Looking Through View Finder Available Available
**EHR System May Need An Imaging Module. Contact EHR Vendor For More Information. Applicable Applicable

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