Advanced and Secure TeleMedicine, TeleHealth and TeleForensics

Secure Digital Forensic TeleMedicine Beyond A Reasonable Doubt®

Upon request, an exact and legal copy of the patient folder containing pictures, forms and presentations, is separately encrypted to AES-256 encryption standards. This is done within your SDFI enabled and encrypted computer. The "SDFI Secure File" is uploaded through a Secure Socket Layer and onto the protected SDFI secure Internet server. Additionally SDFI Secure Files are scanned for viruses. An e-mail notification is sent forth from the SDFI® File Portal to the detective(s) and/or the prosecutor(s), again, from the encrypted and protected SDFI®-TeleMedicine File Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: The SDFI®-TeleMedicine File Transfer Portal is an optional paid for subscription service. Our annual subscription services are not offered for free.

  • The recipient of the "SDFI® Secure File" needs nothing more than a Windows computer and a high speed connection to the Internet.
  • That recipient will receive an e-mail notification indicating that a "SDFI® Secure File" is waiting for them on the "SDFI® File Portal". NOTE: SDFI®-TeleMedicine pictures are NOT sent through e-mail.
  • The receipt needs only to "CLICK" on the link in the e-mail message, "SAVE" the SDFI® Secure File to their Windows computer and then "CALL" the sender to get the "one time only, one time use, passphrase!
  • The sender, "SHOOTS, STORES & SENDS". The recipient, "CLICKS, SAVES & CALLS".

Download and review our System Security Documents now. Contact us if you have questions.


Watch Video Introduction to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.
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