SDFI®-TeleMedicine - SDFI Forensic Camera Upgrades

Do you want to become a SDFI client? Are you upgrading your current photodocumentation equipment, software or security? Contact SDFI to see if you are eligible to receive a credit towards a full Standard or Contrast SDFI Camera System!

Upgrade Your Old SDFI Ring Flash, SDFI Stand, Ball Head Latch and Carrying Case today! Need more mobility? Add the SDFI Dolly System, its rolling and lockable wheels on a supporting tripod makes moving your SDFI System seamless. SDFI will apply a credit and buy back your old SDFI equipment and replace it with new equipment.

In October 2017, Canon released a statement that Camera models 50D and older have reached the end of their life cycles and that Canon will no longer provide repair services for them. That means that if something happens to your older SDFI Camera System Hardware, you cannot get it repaired by Canon.

It may be time to consider one of The SDFI Camera System Upgrade and Exchange Programs. We would be excited to buy back all of your old camera components, cables, footpedal ect. and replace it with brand new equipment.

In the video below, watch and compare all of the new features when you upgrade.

SDFI Standard
Camera System
All Past Standard SDFI
Camera Systems
New Standard SDFI
Camera System
Video Not Available Available
Live View* Not Available Available
Touch Screen Not Available Available
Easier to Use Smaller
Sized Camera Body
Larger Sized Camera Body Smaller and Easier to Handle
Faster Flash System Need to Wait Between Pictures to Recharge Little or No Wait Time is Required
Lithium Batteries For The Flash Yes, Lithium AA Batteries Are Required No, Alkaline AA Batteries are Preferred
Flip-Out LCD Screen Not Available Available, Able to flip and Rotate
*Able to View Subject Without Looking Through View Finder Not Available Available

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Watch Video Introduction to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.
Download the Introduction Video to your computer.