Mission Statement:

To provide exceptional forensic photodocumentation products, education, services and support to all medical, technical, legal and SART professionals who assist with the reduction and elimination of physical violence throughout the world.

SART = Sexual Assault Response Team

Vision Statement:

To provide every examiner and investigator in the medical and legal fields the advanced SDFI photodocumentation tools needed to assist with examinations and investigations related to physical violence including sexual assault, domestic violence and suspicious injury.

SDFI Forensic Camera Systems, Standard and Contrast, SDFI Forensic Software Tools including the SDFI Negative Invert Filter and the 100% Magnifying Loupe, The SDFI Secure File Portal, SDFI-TeleEducation Webcam Training Including ongoing Technical Support are all part of the SDFI System.

SDFI = Secure Digital Forensic Imaging

Watch Video Introduction to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.
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