Forensic Digital Photography and Image Enhancement

Digital photography and image enhancement has a history that goes back to circa 1965.

Images and image enhancement has been part of the U.S. court system long before forensic photography went digital. Film based forensic photography tools are now hard to come by as film based photography has been replaced by imaging systems like SDFI®-TeleMedicine.

SDFI has almost 12 years of history and use within the industry, yet only now within the last five years are legal professionals showing interest in SDFI’s Negative Invert Filter. The number one legal question is “Can the SDFI Negative Invert Filter be used in court?” and the answer is a resounding “Yes”. Image enhancement is widely accepted and used in court as the following pages will prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Please review the following collection of documents and references to further your knowledge and education on the subject of image enhancement and its use in the legal system.

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