SDFI Helps California Homicide Investigators’ Association (CHIA) See Evidence In A New Light!

SDFI's Forensic Contrast Camera System Makes Conference Debut

SDFI Forensic Contrast Camera System Magic! Tools packed, cargo van loaded, flyers printed – Check, Check Check.

It’s the day before the 48th Annual California Homicide Investigators' Association (CHIA) Training Conference to be held at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas, and SDFI staff are making sure everything is in order for their inaugural visit to an event where CHIA members and exhibitors come together yearly for one of the largest gatherings of homicide investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic investigations, criminal prosecutors and district attorney investigators in the US.

SDFI’s first visit to the Association’s 48th conference will introduce participants to the wonders of forensic photography with the use of ultraviolet light, or, what SDFI likes to call “The Ultraviolet Dark®”.

The Contrast SDFI Camera System is a relatively new kid on the (forensic ultraviolet) block, having just debuted in April, 2015, but already fellow law enforcement agencies, medical and legal professionals across the country utilize it in crime scenes, homicide and sexual assault investigations. The system works in tandem with its included ultraviolet contrast light, which allows examiners and investigators to capture high-resolution, court-ready RAW and .JPG images and .MP4 video of substances such as sperm, semen and urine in the ultraviolet light spectrum. However, since SDFI offers a complete “Shoot, Store, Send” system, the magic does not end there.

Once images and video are captured, the System’s Image Management Software allows users to encrypt their files, using 256-bit AES encryption, then to store the files on their own computers or networks. When ready, users can then utilize the SDFI File Portal to securely send their files electronically to anyone in the world. Recipients do not need SDFI’s software to access the sent files and videos, just a high-speed internet connection.

“We are really looking forward to introducing the Contrast SDFI Camera System to CHIA Conference participants,” says the Boulder City, Nevada-based company’s Marketing Assistant, Julie Steeper. “We will be giving hand’s-on demonstrations at our booth, so that attendees will see how easy it is to use our System, and hopefully they’ll go a step further and see how they can effectively apply the use of our System to their own investigations.”

If you are planning on attending the CHIA event, be sure to stop by and say “Hi”, and maybe experience forensic life on the (ultraviolet) Dark Side!

Watch Video Introduction to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.
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