Children’s Advocacy Center and FBI Four-Legged Hereos Meet SDFI at National Children's Alliance Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.

Service Dogs Help at Children's Advocacy Centers and FBI
While mile-high, bi-peds pass by them at great altitudes checking out Exhibition booths, Mickler and Gio are just happy to be reunited.

You see, these two, four-footed pals are cousins, and on June 6, 2017, after years of separation, they were spotted chilling, in all their finery during the NCA (National Children's Alliance)’s Leadership Conference, at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. However, before you get the impression that a chilled life is a typical life for these two, “chilling” has not been their main mode of existence.

Gio, the black beauty with the big smile, works for the FBI as a Crisis Response Canine. He jumps, four paws forward, with his human counterparts, as they respond to tragedies, such the mass shooting at Orlando nightclub, Pulse. Gio also made a trip back to Pulse, with others, on June 12th, to honor the first anniversary of the shooting.

Mickler, the golden lab, sitting pretty next to his cousin in the picture, works for Children’s Advocacy Center For Child Protection in Austin, Texas. Mickler accompanies children who need to attend court, and he serves as their private escort, attesting to the fact that dogs are not just “Man’s Best Friend”, but in Mickler’s case, “Child’s Best Friend” as well!

SDFI-TeleMedicine always loves to hear a positive comment about our Forensic Camera Systems, but there’s a bigger moral to today’s story: As much as we try, we humans can’t do it all, alone. Canine cousins like Gio and Mickler prove that two feet are enhanced by four paws, whether it be in a crises or as an accompaniment to a small child, going into a situation they should never have to face.

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