Ask Yourself These Questions When Selecting a Secure, Forensic TeleMedicine Service

SDFI is Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt! 1. Who should have access to my forensic evidence photos and/or PHI (Protected Health Information)?
SDFI's Answer: No one but YOU, (and ultimately your recipient(s) within the SART).
- With the SDFI Forensic Camera Systems, YOU control who sees the data – not even your organization’s IT department has access to your data.

2. Are there nested, end-to-end encryption tools to protect my pictures and videos?
SDFI's Answer: Not all systems are secure. Some systems use vulnerable technology that is easily hackable, but with the SDFI system the answer is “Yes!”, so you are Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®. - The SDFI Image Management System encrypts your files when you upload them from the SDFI Forensic Camera System. When you are ready to send your files to your recipient, the SDFI Secure File Portal encrypts your files a second time. SDFI includes 256-Bit AES, nested end-to-end encryption.

3. Where are my pictures and videos stored?
SDFI's Answer: Some systems will store the information in the cloud which means someone else may have control of your data. Other systems will store information on unsecured devices like desktop/laptop computers, cell phones and mobile devices. These types of unsecure platforms accounted for 944,665 data breaches see the HHS Breach Portal here . With the SDFI Store and Send System, your data will be saved securely with military-grade encryption on your desktop/laptop or on your organization's network.
- SDFI does not use cloud storage, therefore minimizing the potential of hacking or having unwanted eyes looking at your photos and videos. We help you maintain the chain of custody, and allow your compliance officers to sleep at night.

4. Can I securely send forensic photos, and/or PHI without using email?
SDFI's Answer: Yes, with the SDFI Secure File Portal, there's no need to worry about having your email hacked when sending PHI. The SDFI File Portal also eliminates the time-consuming tasks of having to burn evidence onto CDs, then mail or personally transport them to recipients.

When you are ready for your recipients to receive your data, securely upload it to the SDFI File Portal, where it will temporarily rest. The only email your recipient will receive is one letting them know your data is ready for them to download from the File Portal. Your recipient calls you to obtain a secure, pre-determined passphrase you select, then they take it from there.

5. After I securely send pictures, video and data through the SDFI Secure File Portal, what do recipients need in order to download and view everything?
SDFI's Answer: Just a Windows-based computer and an internet connection.
- Your recipients only need - in addition to the secure passphrase they call and obtain from you - is a Windows-based computer, and an internet connection. They can then retrieve and view your data. No SDFI software is required for them to do that.

SDFI offers complimentary customer support for recipients and senders, for the life of your SDFI Forensic Camera System.

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