Make a “Resolution” to Capture Forensic Pixels With The SDFI-TeleMedicine Camera Systems!

See Better With SDFI!. Today, we are going to talk about image resolution, and how this property affects your forensic images.

A pixel is simply defined as a “picture element”.

Resolution is the total amount of pixels in a digital image. The more pixels there are in a digital image, the higher the resolution.

Image Resolution is the amount of image data captured. The higher the resolution, the more image data captured. Here are three examples:
1,024x768 = 786,432 pixels (Computer screen resolution)
1,920x1,080 = 2,073,600 (Home TV screen resolution)
And now, get this…
5,472x3648 = 19,961,856 (SDFI Forensic Camera System Image Resolution!). We are your colposcope replacement solution!

Digital image resolution is not:
- Focus
- Clarity
- or Quality.

A person can capture a high-resolution forensic image that is out of focus, has poor overall clarity and is considered to be bad quality.

It is best practice to review your forensic images on a computer monitor at 100 percent, which means one image pixel to one screen pixel.

What are the elements of a good forensic image?:
- Does the image represent the subject matter?
- Is the image not too light and not too dark?
- Is the image straight and not twisted?
- Is the image in focus and not blurred?

With the SDFI Forensic Camera Systems, you can easily capture high-clarity, high-resolution and high-quality images. With the SDFI Image Management System, you can utilize its Loupe tool to view parts of an image at 100 percent.

Click HERE for SDFI Camera System image examples, and notice the incredible detail displayed on your screen that SDFI’s millions of pixels provide.

Don’t be fooled by other camera systems out there that offer zooming capabilities on an image that has already been captured at 100 percent. If you are merely zooming in on a picture that is already displaying at 100 percent, zooming will only cause the image to pixelate more and more.

Besides being Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®, SDFI Forensic Camera Systems really do help you see your forensic images better!

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