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SDFI - Forensic Industry-Leading Camera Systems! Many of you have indicated how much you really like SDFI®-TeleMedicine’s Forensic Camera Systems. Whether you have heard about SDFI from your colleagues, seen SDFI information on our website, or perhaps from what you’ve experienced directly by the means of a hand’s-on demonstration at one of the many annual tradeshows, you know that SDFI is leading the forensic industry with its security, user friendliness, stability, mobility and its ability to capture amazing pictures and video, quickly and easily.

Are you looking for funds to purchase the leading forensic camera system on the market (Hint: Ours!)? Look no further! We have put together a list of grants that you may use to help your group purchase an SDFI Forensic Camera System. The link also explains how grants can assist your group with purchasing the equipment. The deadlines for these grant submissions are ending THIS MONTH (February) so don’t hesitate!

Here is also a link of funding agencies, by state.

Are you a current SDFI client? That's great! These grants may assist you with on-going SDFI Video Trainings, Secure File Portals to transfer sensitive information securely or if you are expanding your services, SDFI Forensic Camera System Add-Ons, either Contrast or Standard.

Let us know if we can assist you with grant information so you can get the SDFI-TeleMedicine Forensic Camera System FREE! Just fill in the Contact Form on this page.

Watch Video Introduction to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.
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