Mexican Forensic Expert Develops The Elixir Of Death!

Forensic Expert develops skin rehydration method for murder victims to help with ID and investigation
There exists a little, Mexican town by the name of Ciudad Juarez that sits just south of the Texas town of El Paso, separated only by a thin slew of water, known at the Rio Grande River.

To say that Ciudad Juarez is famous for its huevos rancheros would be wishful, delicious thinking; however, that is not the case. In the 1990s, record numbers of women were being killed in Ciudad Juarez, and between the years 2008 until 2011, the city was dubbed “Murder Capital of the World”. Being a border city, it has been plagued with drug smugglers and human trafficking activities. Quite often, bodies are not found, only bones, with the dead being thrown into mass graves. Friends and family very often never find out where their killed loved ones have gone, which is obviously very stressful for them, and cold cases are rampant.

Enter Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Cardenas. He is a forensic doctor – a forensic expert – who works at the town’s prosecutor’s office. This is all well and good, but it also seems Dr. Hernandez has invented a special method that rehydrates corpses, which allows for corpse identification, and homicide investigators are excited about this. Mum’s the word on the ingredients and workings of this secret forensic formula, but we do know it’s very innovative – so much so, that the Mexican Institute for Industrial Property gave the doctor his own patent for it.

For the last century, forensic experts have historically utilized glycerin injections which act to rejuvenate fingers enough to obtain prints from them. Unfortunately, this method only works for fingers and not the whole body. However, Dr. Alejandro’s patented rehydration process allows the body to regain most of its original condition. This allows family members of the victims to perform corpse identification, when before, they stood no chance, going up against a mass grave. Now, families have the opportunity to properly mourn and perhaps work towards some closure in their loss.

Not only does Dr. Hernandez’s rehydration formula help families identify their own, his invention helps with arrests being made, and can even revive cold cases.

Dr, Hernandez who is 59, first thought about being a forensic expert over 40 years ago. He started out as a dentist, was called to accident scenes to help identify victims through their teeth, and gradually became more and more interested in becoming a forensic expert. He also gradually started experimenting with his rehydration techniques on human fingers and pig skin. In 2004, when he was experimenting, he took a finger out of a jar and it looked perfect. It was about that time that the forensic expert knew he’d stumbled onto something special. Four years after that, he rehydrated a full corpse.

Dr. Hernandez is committed to his cause. There is no investigation unit at his forensic lab, so Hernandez pays for all his research himself, as well as pays for the chemicals he needs, while working on his elixir in his spare time.

Dr. Hernandez is just one example of the thousands of workers – here and abroad – dedicated to the forensic cause. Find out what SDFI does in terms of forensics.

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