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forensic camera grants

In March 2022, the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act of 2022 added in SEC. 101. STOP GRANTS. (vii) by inserting after paragraph (20), the following:

“(21) developing, enhancing, or strengthening programs and projects to improve evidence collection methods for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking, including through funding for technology that better detects bruising and injuries across skin tones and related training; Click https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/senate-bill/3623/text#toc-H950733BAFDB84F8181A2DACF09FF5987

The Sec. 102. Grants To Improve The criminal justice response would be another option to obtain SDFI Technology in the future.

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SDFI.Q. Online Self-Directed Forensic Photography Courses

SDFI.Q. CEU / CME Course SDFI-TeleMedicine has online self-directed learning courses Visit www.LearnSDFI.com. Get signed up for our convenient online learning courses, watch the information packed training videos and get your Certificate of Completions today, it’s that easy! The course covers proper steps and procedures for forensic photography, use of a vaginal speculum and insertion, use of an ano-scope and insertion as well as quality review and several other topics.

Faculty for “Photography and Forensic Exam Techniques With Anogenital Assessment” are Diana Faugno - MSN, RN, CPN, SANE-A, SANE-P, FAAFS, DF-IAFN and Val Sievers MSN, RN, CNS, SANE-A, SANE-P.

To get started right away, click www.LearnSDFI.com.

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Since 2001 SDFI-Telemedicine has been serving the forensic community with the all-in-one Shoot, Store and Send forensic photodocumentation system.

SDFI Systems include three main components:

  • Shoot: Camera Systems with all components that enable you to capture still photography and video hands-on and hands-free.
  • Store: SDFI Image Management Software plus security software that offers military level security to enable you to store your forensic data on your own computer or network. In addition it has built in forensic tools that help you see areas of interest better.
  • Send: The SDFI Secure File Portal enables you to transmit your forensic data securely, anywhere in the world without breaking the chain of custody.
  • For more information on the SDFI forensic camera system or LearnSDFI.com, contact us at Sales@SDFI.com or give us a call at 1-310-492-5372 ext. 3.

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