SDFI-TeleMedicine Gets "Conned" by the U.S. Army

Our Forensic Management System and File Portal Earn Military Security Approval!

SDFI Security is CON Certified! Usually getting conned by someone or something can prove to be a major headache on many levels.

...But not so for SDFI®-TeleMedicine!

The success of the Company’s forensic camera systems' winning combination of “Shoot, Store, Send” caught the attention of a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) group at a U.S. Army medical center, who wanted to incorporate the forensic system into their center, but before anything could be installed, configured or downloaded, SDFI needed to obtain a Certificate of Noteworthiness, known as “CON Certified” which is issued by the U.S. Army.

Before a CON Certification can even be issued, Army Networthiness provides an operational assessment of systems, applications, and devices to determine supportability, sustainability, interoperability, and compliance with Federal, Department of Defense, and Army regulations and mandates.

And as SDFI Technical Expert, Triston Fuel knows, one does not just sit down at a computer, and five minutes later, print off a CON Certificate from their printer!

“Obtaining the certification takes time,” Triston says. “It’s an extensive process where the Army needs to determine that SDFI’s System Software is even deemed safe and secure enough for the Army in order to allow it to be installed onto their computer system”.

SDFI, who just received their CON Certification from the Army this week (click HERE to view the Certificate), has been spending months, waiting and following up to obtain this single, yet very valuable piece of paper.

Triston continues: “Obtaining the CON Certification with the Army proves that the SDFI®-TeleMedicine System is secure enough to have made it through the Army’s rigorous security process, just to be allowed onto their computers.”

In a coincidentally timely manner, SDFI recently pattended their “Secure Beyond A Reasonable Doubt®” slogan.

Now, with this important Thumb’s-Up from the Army, regarding SDFI's forensic system security, who would beg to differ?!

For more information on SDFI's nested, end-to-end, AES 256-bit encryption and Beyond HIPAA Security, complete the form on this page - we can't wait to tell you more!

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