SDFI Is Your Colposcope Replacement Source

SDFI Forensic Camera Systems Many people don’t know that the colposcope was never designed for forensic use.

92 years ago, in 1925, Dr. Hans Hinselman of Germany invented the colposcope as a screening tool for cervical cancer. Since then, 35mm video cameras and even good quality digital cameras have been mounted on colposcopes in an effort to capture forensic photographic evidence. The results have been exceptionally poor for many reasons, including the fact that the light, lens and camera are not in sync. Additionally, colposcopes are difficult to learn and to use. They are also difficult to move, position and are extremely limited in their use.

The SDFI®-TeleMedicine Forensic Camera Systems produce pictures that are better than the best digital colposcope picture or mediscope picture. Want proof? Have a look, HERE. Colposcope images are blurry at the edges, but with the SDFI Camera System, you can capture areas of interest in high-quality, high-resolution and high-clarity with no blurriness anywhere!

In addition, colposcopes are hardly portable. SDFI Forensic Camera Systems come with their own sturdy cases, which allows mobile transport anywhere. Add that to SDFI's Image Management System, which includes forensic tools like the SDFI's Negative Invert Filter and the SDFI Loupe Tool to help you see better. Finally, SDFI's Secure File Portal tops off the SDFI three-in-one solution for shooting, storing and sending your evidence securely!

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