Still Using That Cellphone to Capture Forensic Photodocumentation

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SDFI VS Cellphone

If you ever attend any type of industry trade show of which we are a part, you may notice when you stop by our booth that we like to spin quarters a lot…

We also like to photograph them with our Forensic Camera Systems.

Most nurses, SANE-Ps and others who perform pediatric forensic photodocumentation exams can vouch that children do not always remain still during the process.

Sometimes, children can move quite quickly – almost as quickly as a rotating, spinning quarter.

Obtaining high-resolution, clear photodocumentation of a fast-spinning coin shows the beauty of the SDFI Forensic Camera Systems of being able to capture quick-moving objects, and freeze them in high detail, much more so than a cell phone camera.

Case in point: check out the split photo, here on this page, of two spinning coins. On the left, is a spinning coin (believe it or not!), captured with SDFI’s Standard Forensic Camera System. Notice the clarity and detail on the quarter, as it almost seems like it was captured sitting up on its edge.

Now, look at the right half of the photo, where the same quarter is captured with a cellphone camera.

Some cellphone-based forensic camera systems advertise zoom capability, but what many do not realize is that their systems will zoom the best quality image that phone is capable of taking. When zoomed, the quality will diminish, as cellphone cameras don’t really ‘zoom’ in with credible detail; when zoomed, their images become more pixelated and low-quality than their original at best…

And who wants second best, especially when it comes to capturing forensic evidence, where accuracy and detail are paramount?

With the SDFI Forensic Camera System Solutions, besides the Negative Invert Filter, another awesome, forensic imaging tool you receive in your Image Management System is the SDFI Loupe Tool. When you open an already optimally-captured photo, the SDFI Loupe Tool allows you to zoom with incredible detail, never losing any valuable quality or detail, as you continue to zoom.

To put it simply, we help you see better.

Now which system would YOU choose to capture your important forensic image documentation?

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