SDFI-Telemedicine Contrast Camera System For Ultraviolet Exams

Catch The Lowdown On The SDFI®-TeleMedicine Forensic Contrast Camera System!

SDFI Ultraviolet Forensic Contrast Camera at Work First, we helped forensic nurses, examiners and investigators capture high-resolution, court-ready photos and video within the visible light spectrum with our SDFI® Standard Forensic Camera System.

However, not all forensic evidence exists in the visible light spectrum, or in well-lit conditions. SDFI is aware of that and therefore offers the SDFI® Contrast Forensic Camera System to capture this evidence, where visible light source forensic photography systems fall short.

The SDFI® Contrast Camera System is surgically altered to help see ultraviolet light, just as easily as we see natural or room light. This advancement allows you to take high-resolution pictures and video of evidence such as beer, urine and sperm, in a dim or dark room – in the Ultraviolet Dark®, using your own Wood's Lamp the light that comes with the system, or any other ultraviolet light source. Later, your Contrast photos and video can be reviewed and legitimately presented to a judge and jurors if the case goes to court.

Your Ultraviolet Forensic Exam Contrast Camera comes with:

- Feature: A surgically-altered Contrast Camera.
- Benefit: We help you see evidence better that is best captured with ultraviolet light.

- Feature: One full SDFI Standard Forensic Camera System.
- Benefit: An additional camera which captures evidence in visible light.

- Feature: Ultraviolet Yellow Safety Glasses - 3 sets
- Benefit: Protect your eyes, your subject's eyes and an additional person's eyes who may be present at the time of the examination from ultraviolet rays.

- Feature: Ultraviolet Contrast Light (Approximately 390nm)
- Benefit: Provides effortless contrast and helps in photographing evidence in the dim and dark-lit settings.

Contains cables, tripod, foot pedal, hand remote, flash system, memory cards, batteries, and MORE!

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