SDFI®-IAFN 2016 Conference

IAFN Conference, Denver: What a Wild, Great Trip It Was!

October 3, 2016: Well, this year’s IAFN Conference is now done and dusted, the bags are unpacked and the dirty clothes are lifelessly heaped in the corner, waiting for the revival of Tide and a rigorous wash, but we are reveling in the afterglow of what was a wonderful event in Denver, Colorado!

We would like to thank IAFN for the opportunity to display our SDFI-TeleMedicine products and services. More importantly than that, we enjoyed seeing so many of our long-time clients again, putting faces to names of new clients, and educating clients-to-be about our system solutions. We hope that those of you who took advantage of the hands-on opportunity with our cameras saw (literally) the exceptional quality of the photos you took while at our booth. We are also thrilled that so many of you tried your hand at Colposcope Blasters, and we again congratulate Pat Speck, Diana Faugno and Julie Konvalinka on the coveted title of Master Blaster of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, respectively! The t-shirt giveaway was a success, and as a result, many of you are sporting new creations and designs on 100% cotton, which is a trend that no doubt will continue into future shows!

Most of all, thank you for visiting our booth. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting each and every one of you! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 310-492-5372 or email us. Don’t forget – SDFI customers receive unlimited support for the lifetime of their systems!

SDFI.Q. - Two Training Solutions, Wherever, Whenever You Need Them!

Do you ever wish you could brush up on your SDFI Camera System “Shoot, Store and Send” skills?

Do you need to bring new staff up to speed with your SDFI system?

Great news! Starting in January, 2017, we are offering two training video options for SDFI users, so you can up your I.Q. on your system, and so your new employees can hit the ground running. Choose from the following two options:

OPTION ONE is a live, bi-directional, internet webcam training with a SDFI-TeleMedicine Technical Training Expert. Interact in real time, in this 90-minute, hands-on, personalized session, which will be recorded, edited, then sent to you, via SDFI’s Secure File Portal. “You See Us – We See You!”. For $1,995, you will receive this valuable training tool, which is yours to keep forever!

OPTION TWO helps you brush up on crucial SDFI-TeleMedicine Camera System procedures and reduce stress while you allow this product to help train new staff! This 90-minute, pre-recorded video, taught by one of our Technical Training Experts, covers proper holding, assembling and connecting the SDFI Camera System to a HDTV, close-up and far-away settings, zooming, touchscreen and MORE! It also covers SDFI Digital Protocols and the Overlapping Storyboard protocol. For $995, this valuable training tool is yours to keep forever! Call us at 310-492-5372 or email us.

Your Testimonials Matter!

Do you like us? What about our products? Has one of our staff provided a great customer service experience for you? Are there things you wish we would do differently?

Well, then!

Here's your chance to have your say! We are always open to our customers' feedback – good or bad; in fact, we LOVE to hear from you! If you have just a couple of spare minutes to click here and send us your testimonials, that would be awesome. If you click here, you can have a gander at others' testimonials and references. Not only would your testimonial or reference give us a head's up on how we are doing, but with your permission, you could be helping others who come to our site by being a reference for us. If you are excited about our systems, just think how your enthusiasm could help some other group in the country! Thank you in advance!

Be Intelligent, Be Green

Is your Green Intelligent User Guide which came with your SDFI System not-so-green anymore? Is it ripped up, dog-eared, coffee-stain-tattooed or the ultimate; MIA, or non-existent at the moment?

Have no fear! Call, or email us here, and we'll send you a brand new, updated Green Intelligent User Guide*.

(*Pairing Suggestion: Goes extremely well with a new camera system from our Upgrade and Exchange Program!)

Speeding IS Allowed

Do you know that has a free link you can click on to test the download and upload speeds of your internet? You can click here to test your computer speed right now. If you plan to utilize telemedicine on your computer, SDFI recommends a minimum speed of 10 – 15 Mbps (megabytes per second) as a download speed, and at least 5 Mbps upload speed. Naturally, the quicker, the better!

SDFI Puts The Nail In It

On October 4th, the SDFI staff (including the guys), painted their nails purple in support of the Put The Nail In It campaign to end domestic violence.

The initiative is spearheaded by Safe Horizons - the country’s largest organization helping victims of domestic violence get the crucial help they need in their darkest moments.

Meet The Forenskicks!

There's a good chance you may have already met the Fockers – they have been around on the big screen and in our DVD collections for quite a while, and are, quite frankly, old news.

We would like to introduce you to The Forenskicks! Just this past spring, SDFI-TeleMedicine staff co-mingled in the spirit of sport, and became a Kickball team, playing in the Nevada Silver League of The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA)!

Although they did not win first place in total games won, they DID win first place in each week's social contest – each week had a theme, such as "Superheroes" where each team had to try and outdo each other in costumes and in attitude. Everyone had a great time, and if you would like to play kickball, go to and find a league near you!

SDFI 2017 Schedule Of Upcoming Conferences Will Be Announced Soon:

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