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“Shoot”, “Store”, “Send”…”READ!”

SDFI-TeleMedicine Slated to Launch Quarterly Newsletter in February, 2016


BOULDER CITY, NV – FEBRUARY 4, 2016 - Most SDFI-TeleMedicine System users are well-versed with the “Shoot-Store-Send” winning combination that the forensic SDFI System offers.

Starting in February, SDFI-Telemedicine will introduce their quarterly newsletter, which will be available to its clients and its leads, via email.  Released in February, May, August and November, the newsletter will serve as the go-to place to read about forensics, compliance, risk management, SDFI-TeleMedicine articles and about SDFI upcoming events.

In between Shooting, Storing and Sending, current and prospective clients will be able to learn the difference between a .jpg and a .raw photo file extension, for example.

“SDFI-TeleMedicine is a fast-growing technology company that is entering into several, new vertical markets within healthcare”, Education and Marketing Director, Cathy Price, explains.  “A newsletter will meet the needs of our existing and future customers by streamlining SDFI’s communications, as cutting-edge technology is introduced.”

SDFI-TeleMedicine is run by real people who want real stories and is always looking for original articles and stories about the latest legislation around photodocumentation and telemedicine.  They are open to new ideas and ways to help people.  If you have anything to share, please contact Julie Steeper at the email address above.

SDFI is the acronym for Secure Digital Forensic Imaging.  SDFI-TeleMedicine provides forensic camera systems, software solutions, telemedicine services and forensic photo documentation processes for examiners, investigators, officers and workers who need clear and focused, court ready pictures.