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SDFI®-TeleMedicine Is Set To Educate and Bust Forensic Photodocumentation Myths

At The Michigan Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance Convention in Traverse City, Michigan

BOULDER CITY, NV – APRIL 11, 2016 – Imagine a speech entitled, “Technology Facts, Fears, Photos and Myths of Digital Forensic Photodocumentation Within Multidisciplinary Child Advocacy Centers”.

Now imagine having to present it to a large audience.

SDFI®-TeleMedicine’ s Forensic Imaging Consultant, Ward Allen, will be doing just that on Monday, April 18th 2016 at the Michigan Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance Convention in Traverse City, Michigan, which runs from April 17 – 19, 2016 at the Grand Traverse Resort.

Allen explains, “With the recent release of the National Children’s Alliance’s (NCA’s) updated Standards which include a requirement for diagnostic-quality photographic documentation and a requirement for policies regarding the storage and release of examination images, the opportunity to present, field questions and provide answers to legal, medical and technical professionals is our way of supporting the efforts of the National Children’s Alliance.”

In his interactive speech, Allen will hit on a variety of topics, including forensic exam facts, chain-of- custody breaks and the elements of both a good and a bad forensic photo. He will also challenge various myths, including the belief that cloud-based storage is secure.

Boulder City, Nevada-based SDFI, which stands for Secure Digital Forensic Imaging, will also host a booth at the convention, where attendees can be wowed by hands-on demonstrations of SDFI’s Standard Camera System and their Contrast Camera System - one of SDFI’s newer systems - which allows high- resolution pictures and video to be captured in the Ultraviolet Dark™.

Besides the Standard and the Contrast SDFI Camera Systems, SDFI also offers a “Store and Send System”, this is SDFI’s Image Management Software where investigators who have their own cameras, can still encrypt and store their sensitive documents and photos on their own networks and computers, then electronically send them to recipients. They also offer Standard and Contrast “Add-On” options, allowing current SDFI clients to build their own SDFI System environments.


SDFI’s Image Management Software – which is included with every full SDFI Camera System – allows users to view their photos with SDFI forensic software tools like the SDFI Negative Invert Filter. When utilized, this filter helps users to see subtle details in an image that would otherwise be missed. The software’s Loupe Tool, enables the System user to see an area of interest at one-hundred percent, allowing for incredible detailed viewing.

To round out their trifecta of conference involvement, SDFI has sponsored the conference’s mobile app which attendees can utilize to get the 411 on the conference, speakers and other participants.

“SDFI is able to bring 30+ years of combined knowledge to the conference. We look forward to working with NCA and NCA Chapters around the nation,” Allen concludes.

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