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SDFI®-TeleMedicine Goes To The (Ultraviolet) Dark Side

At Upcoming Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas, Texas

BOULDER CITY, NV – July 25, 2016 – If you should happen to stroll by booth six at the Crimes Against Children Conference during August 8 - 10, 2016, and see people aiming forensic cameras into little black boxes, don’t be alarmed.

This is just business as usual for SDFI- (Secure Digital Forensic Imaging) TeleMedicine LLC, a Boulder City, Nevada-based company, who provides forensic photodocumentation products, education, services and support to the FBI, crime labs, child protective services and law enforcement professionals who assist with the reduction and elimination of childhood physical and sexual abuse and neglect throughout the world.

During the conference, which is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas, SDFI’s Forensic Imaging Specialists will be giving hands-on demonstrations of The Contrast SDFI® Camera System, and that’s where the black boxes come in. To get a good idea of how SDFI’s Contrast Camera System works, a contrast light (included with the System) is shined into the box, lighting up pre-drawn, ultraviolet ink images. Armed with SDFI’s surgically altered camera system designed to capture images in the ultraviolet spectrum, participants will photograph and video record them. In real life, this exercise allows professionals who work on a child’s behalf to capture court-ready, high-resolution pictures and video in the Ultraviolet Dark™.

The Contrast SDFI Camera System – which debuted April 2015 - is a companion to The Standard SDFI® Camera System. Both systems – which are currently being utilized by Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) across the country - offer the ability to take high-resolution, RAW and JPG forensic still photos and MOV video, encrypt them using AES 256-bit encryption in order to store them on their computer or network, then electronically send them securely to recipients anywhere in the world. Recipients only need a Windows based computer and a connection to the Internet to acquire the secured sent files and videos.

“Our Camera Systems are built to be easy to use,” Triston Fuel, SDFI’s Forensic Imaging Consultant, says. Triston is quick to point out, “Our Camera Systems do not diagnose; they cannot tell you what you are looking at. They can, however, help you see better – or in the case of the Contrast Camera System – help you see and easily capture something you could not otherwise see without a contrast light.”


SDFI booth visitors have also been spotted snapping high-resolution photos of spinning coins in the visible light, both at the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) and the Michigan Chapter of the National Children’s Alliance (MINCA) conferences earlier this year. “Not everything in life that needs to be photographed will remain still, including children,” SDFI Marketing Assistant, Julie Steeper says. “By photographing spinning coins using The Standard SDFI Camera System, booth visitors get first-hand experience at how easy our system makes it is to capture high-resolution pictures of quickly moving objects.”

Besides the Contrast and Standard SDFI Camera Systems, SDFI also offers a “Store and Send System”, where users encrypt and store documents, photos and other digital content on their own networks and computers, then electronically send them to recipients. They also offer Standard and Contrast “Add-On” options, allowing current SDFI clients to customize their own SDFI System environments. SDFI’s Image Management Software allows users to view their photos with SDFI forensic software tools like the SDFI Negative Invert Filter. When utilized, this filter helps to see subtle details in an image that would otherwise be missed.

The SDFI software’s Loupe Tool, enables the user to see an area of interest at one-hundred percent, allowing for incredible detailed viewing.

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