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SDFI®-TeleMedicine Brings Cutting-Edge, Forensic Camera System Technology to the Gateway of The West City at The 41st Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Technology Conference



BOULDER CITY, NV – MAY 15, 2017 – SDFI®-TeleMedicine knows that not all forensic evidence that police and investigators need to capture will cooperate in visible light.


SDFI therefore plans to travel to St. Louis from May 22nd – May 24th, 2017 to show law enforcement a demonstration of how to capture stills and video in the ultraviolet light spectrum.  SDFI will showcase the Contrast SDFI Forensic Camera System at the 41st Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Technology Conference taking place at St. Louis’s Hyatt Regency Hotel. 


When SDFI occupies Booth 5 during their inaugural visit to the Conference, the Contrast SDFI Camera System isn’t going to be the only forensic solution highlighted at the SDFI camp.  The Boulder City, Nevada-based company will show how their “Shoot, Store and Send” System meets the needs of law enforcement, from start to finish.


First Thing’s First:  “The first part of our forensic photodocumentation solution involves our surgically-altered Contrast Camera System.  With the help of an included SDFI UV contrast light, or using their own UV Light Source(s), law enforcement professionals can now capture photos and video of areas of interest. Areas of interests can include beer, urine and sperm for example in ambient light or in darkness,” SDFI’s Marketing Assistant, Julie Steeper explains.



“SDFI booth attendees will get to revel over the images captured with the Contrast SDFI Camera System, in what we like the call ‘The Ultraviolet Dark®’,” Steeper says.  “…And this is only the first step of the SDFI System!  Once images and/or video are captured in real time, investigators can then enter the data onto their own computer and/or network then use the SDFI’s Image Management System’s forensic tools. This allows investigators to view images with the SDFI Negative Invert Filter and the SDFI Loupe Tool.  Now, investigators can see their evidence even better than they imagined!  Police and investigators can use the SDFI Image Management System to view their existing photos, too,” Steeper adds.







The SDFI Image Management System also encrypts files at military-grade, 256-Bit, AES encryption, and files are stored on the investigator’s laptop or desktop or can be stored on their organization’s network.  Because of the encryption, no one, but the user can see the photos, allowing for complete chain of custody.  SDFI’s Image Management System has a Certificate of Networthiness, also known as CoN-Certified for the U.S. Army.


Finally, as part of the package, there is the Secure SDFI File Portal, which securely sends encrypted files to recipients.  Utilizing SDFI’s user-friendly, step-by-step system, users encrypt files on their own computer system, then they put their encrypted files on a secure encrypted portal ensuring nested end to end encryption from start to finish.  An email is sent to the recipient informing them that they have a Secure File waiting. The recipient then makes a phone call to the sender to obtain a unique passphrase in order to access to data.  Chain of Custody is ensured at every level in the SDFI System, making it, and users’ data “Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®. 


Conference-goers will appreciate the extreme picture detail of SDFI Pictures as well as their old pictures. “We are really excited to introduce this to law enforcement professionals because they will be able to apply our forensic tools on their existing pictures as well as pictures taken with the SDFI Camera Systems.  SDFI is non-proprietary and used for multiple purposes such as DV, Sexual Assault Exams, Crime Scene Investigations and Child Abuse to name a few,” says Steeper.


SDFI also offers a Standard SDFI Camera System – SDFI’s original “Shoot, Store, Send” solution, which captures pictures and video in the visible light spectrum.  Besides the Contrast and Standard SDFI Camera Systems, they offer a “Store and Send System” as its own product, where again, users encrypt and store documents and photos on their own networks and computers, then electronically send them to recipients. 

Standard and Contrast “Add-Ons” – further product options - allow current SDFI clients to build their own SDFI System environments. 


SDFI®-TeleMedicine, which was founded in 2001, provides forensic photodocumentation products, education, services and support to medical and legal professionals who assist with the reduction and elimination of physical violence throughout the world.


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