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SDFI®-TeleMedicine to Provide Forensic Camera System Antidote to the NCA (National Children’s Alliance)

“2017 Accreditation Standards” at NCA Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.



BOULDER CITY, NV – MAY 30, 2017 – Maybe it seemed like a happy accident, but when SDFI® (Secure Digital Forensic Imaging)-TeleMedicine became aware of the NCA’s (National Children’s Alliance’s) “2017 Accreditation Standards of Storing and Releasing Photodocumentation” document, they knew their forensic camera systems were on the right path.


NCA’s Conference theme this year is “One Path, One Voice”.  To prove that they are resonating at the same wavelength, Boulder City, Nevada-based SDFI is hopping the country to assume their position at Booth 14 at the conference.  NCA’s conference is being held at Renaissance Washington Hotel, Washington, D.C. from June 4th through June 7th, 2017.


“So many forensic camera systems on the market today are sadly lacking in their security measures to keep forensic data safe,” says SDFI’s Marketing Assistant, Julie Steeper.  “NCA’s ‘Standard’s for Accredited Members’’ ‘Standards for Storing and Releasing Photodocumentation’, clearly outlines a few crucial elements for secure, quality forensic photos. 


These elements include:

-  “Diagnostic-quality photographic documentation”,

-  “Secure storage of all written and photographic exam documentation to protect the sensitive nature of the material”,

-  “Detailed procedures for the documentation and storage of evidence written in protocols and agreements”.


Steeper continues, “SDFI Forensic Camera Systems meet or exceed all of these criteria.  Our systems are built around The Federal Rules of Evidence to be one-hundred percent compliant in terms of maintaining chain of custody of forensic information.”


View this short video about the NCA accreditation standards and how SDFI provides all solutions for a Children’s Advocacy Center to adhere to these standards.


SDFI boasts “Shoot, Store and Send” Forensic Camera Systems.  Forensic examiners can capture areas of interest on or inside the body, using SDFI’s mobile, easy-to-use systems.  Once photos and video are captured, investigators can use the forensic tools included with SDFI’s Image Management System.  The System allows for investigators to review pictures taken with the SDFI Camera System, and includes forensic tools like the Negative Invert Filter and the Loupe Tool.  Investigators can even view photos they did not capture with the SDFI Forensic Camera System.  The Image Management System views them all. 

The SDFI Image Management System also has 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), allowing investigators to store encrypted files on their laptops, desktop computers or networks, giving them complete control of their own data.  “Not even a user’s IT department can see investigators’ photos or videos, because they are encrypted,” Steeper says.  “Another secret to our outstanding security is that we don’t use the cloud.  This method of storing information can be vulnerable, plus you never know who has access to – or is looking at your information.” 


Finally, the SDFI Forensic Camera System includes the Secure SDFI File Portal which enables investigators to securely send secure files to recipients.  Utilizing SDFI’s user-friendly, step-by-step system, investigators create secure files on their own computer system, then upload the files onto the SDFI Secure File Portal where they temporarily rest.  Nested end-to-end encryption is ensured from start to finish.  An email is sent to the recipient informing them that they have a secure file waiting.  After receiving an e-mail notification, the recipient then makes a phone call to the sender to obtain a unique passphrase in order to access to data.  Chain of Custody is ensured at every level of the SDFI System, making it “Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®. 


SDFI®-TeleMedicine, whose products and services are used by Child Advocacy Centers and SANEs across the country, was founded in 2001.  It provides forensic photodocumentation products, education, services, training and support to medical and legal professionals who assist with the reduction and elimination of physical violence throughout the world.


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