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Each individual listed below has offered to share their experiences they have had with SDFI®-TeleMedicine

If you choose to phone, PLEASE be respectful of their time zone and call during regular business hours. Additional references will be provided upon request.

Bluebird's Hope | You are Believed

Crystal Schwerdtfeger, BSN, RN, CA-CP SANE, SANE-A President/CEO Bluebird's Hope, Inc ®
Bluebird's Hope
101 Wilson Dr Ste 102
Floresville, TX 78114
Phone: 830-316-3926 (Central Time)

" Thank you for this opportunity to share how great SDFI and their staff is! SDFI assisted Bluebird’s Hope, Inc with the Transfer of a 7GB file for a subpoena at crunch time! The SDFI portal system is an amazingly secure way to transfer photographs and documentation to Law Enforcement, District Attorney’s Offices, etc.
The SDFI support and sales staff have always been there to assist with any questions or concerns that I have. During an after hours examination, my camera wasn’t working correctly. I called and within 2 minutes the support person was able to trouble shoot over the phone, walk me through fixing the issue, and my camera was working again. The patient only had to wait 2 minutes! SDFI customer service is beyond excellent!

Rainbow House | Empowered Beyond Abuse

Courtney Olson Executive Director
Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services Inc.
P.O. Box 1172
Marinette, WI 54143
Phone: 262-442-6748 (Central Time)

" We’ve been so enthusiastic about the implementation of this SDFI technology in our community, and the impact it’s had for survivors. Jessica and I would be happy to talk with you further about our fundraising approach and how we’ve collaborated with Law Enforcement on it’s implementation. Were you on our training earlier with End Abuse WI? Please let us know what questions you might have. Feel free to call or e-mail at your convenience."

Methodist Hospital | Specialty & Transplant

Linda Witte BSN, RN, CA-SANE Forenic Program Coordinator
Methodist Hospital | Specialty & Transplant
8026 Floyd Curl Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78229
Phone: 210-575-1590 (Central Time)

"I am full time Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in a busy program. My mission is to help people in crisis begin the healing process. Connecting on a heart to heart level comes natural to me-technology does not. I need efficient, competent IT support to do the work I do. I am often intimidated by asking for IT help because my comfort level with technology is so low. My experience with SDFI support was awesome. Cipriano made calling IT a joy. He made me laugh as we went through the tedious checks on the camera. I didn’t feel inadequate at all, in fact I felt like I was dealing with a friend who was so patiently taking me through the process. Scheduling an appointment was so easy even for me. I just went to the website and scheduled an appointment. To do the work we do, there has to be exceptional teamwork. I will see hurting survivors on the worse day of their life-people that Cip will never see, yet he is a part of the mission because he backs me up with the support that I need. I’m just the tip of the spear."

Coconino County Arizona Health & Human Services

Lawrence Czarnecki, D.O. Medical Examiner
Coconino County Health and Human Services
2625 King Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Phone: 928-679-8775 (Arizona Time)

"I am a forensic pathologist. I am not a photographer, but there are times when I have to do my own photos. My forensic tech takes the case photos as a rule, therefore I get out of practice. In instances where I need to take photos, this is the camera I go to, because it does everything that I need. SDFI has made this camera nearly self-explanatory right out of the carrying case. There are presets for close ups and distant shots. They have put labels on the camera and include laminated sheets with simple directions. This allows me to confidently take photos. The camera allows me to take overall photos, closeups and clear cavity shots (intraoral etc.) with a ring flash. It also comes with a stand and cable trigger which work well for sexual assault types of exams."

Augusta Health Virginia

Renee Pullen Forenic Program Coordinator
Augusta Health
78 Medical Center Dr.
Fisherville, VA 22939
Phone: 540-332-4492 (Eastern Time)

"We have never had good luck taking pictures inside the mouth before getting the SDFI System! We got the best picture of a laceration in the mouth just this week! In addition, we are using the Secure File Portal, and loving it! I sent 10 reports through it in 1 week, it was a learning curve, but it is SAVING US SO MUCH TIME and I love Cip, he was great offering me help and customer support all 6 times I called in! I think I have it now! We LOVE LOVE LOVE our SDFI System! "

YWCA West Central Michigan

Dianne Decaton RN SANE-A, SANE-P
YWCA West Central Michigan Sane
25 Sheldon Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: 616-459-4681 (Central Time)

"We just implemented the SDFI System for our sexual assault examinations a year ago. I wish we had this forensic camera years ago, I cannot believe how much more we see now compared to before. Thank You SDFI-TeleMedicine!"

Texas Health Resources Northeast Division

Sonia D. Sims, MSN, RN, CA-SANE, OCN
Northeast Division Sane Manager System SANE Program
612 E. Lamar Boulevard
Arlington, TX 76011
Phone: 214-345-6443 (Central Time)

"SDFI staff has been nothing but a blessing to me. Everyone has been great. 5 star company. Thank you SDFI! "

Madison County SATC at Community Hospital Anderson

Lori Wilson, RN
1515 N. Madison Ave.
Anderson, IN 46011
Phone: 765-298-5598 (Eastern Time)

"Having been diagnosed with eye cancer or ocular melanoma, I suffer with depth perception and visual issues. SDFI-TeleMedicine has allowed me to continue to do the job I love! With SDFI's auto focus and auto lighting, I just point and shoot and get stellar pictures. Thank you SDFI! "

Carson City Health and Human Services, Reno, NV

Debbie Robinson, SANE, RN
Forensic Nurse Examiner Program Coordinator
455 E Second St.
Reno NV. 89505
Phone: (775) 672-4519 (Central Time)

"I really like this Contrast SDFI Camera System, and believe the photos I capture with it can support a history provided by the patient."

  • Contrast SDFI Photo Sample.pdf "

    Gonzales CAC, San Antonio, TX

    Noella Hill, RN CA/CP SANE
    Forensic Nurse Examiner Program Coordinator
    8610 Running Quail
    San Antonio, Texas 78250
    Phone: (830) 672-1278 (Central Time)

    "I just wanted to comment that Cip and Tristan are the best!! They are so helpful and patient! I am able to call them and they always are so helpful!! "

    St. Thomas More Hospital, Cañon City, CO

    Rosalyn Walker, MSN, RN, AFN-BC, SANE-A, SANE-P, CPN
    Forensic Nurse Examiner Program Coordinator
    1338 Phay Ave
    Canon City, Colorado 81212
    Phone: 719-285-2000 (Mountain Time)
    E-Mail: RosalynWalker@Centura.Org

    "SDFI has proved to be an essential main component of our program's medical forensic practice. The photo quality from their state-of-the art equipment is unsurpassed. In addition to the iron-clad secure photo storage, my favorite part of working with this company is their stellar tech support department, who has spent invaluable amounts of time assisting & re-educating our staff. Thank you for everything you do! "

    William Beaumont Army Medical Center

    Letty Sprinkle RN, BSN, SANE-CA SANE-CP
    Sexual Assault Care Coordinator and Program Manager Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examiner
    5005 North Piedras Street
    El Paso, TX 79920-5001
    Phone: 915-742-3424 (Central Time)

    "SDFI-TeleMedicine has been part of the Sexual Assault Medical Management Program at WBAMC, William Beaumont Army Medical Center, since 2013 and is an invaluable part of our forensic practice. Excellent forensic photography camera system and forensic software, with the crucial capability of storing the images (JPEG and RAW files) on our own secure server. Customer service is top notch as they are always proactively following up on their product and my staff training needs. The SDFI staff is always available for guidance and troubleshooting...excellent A+ team! "

    Methodist Dallas Medical Center

    Janaki Subramanian
    SANE Coordinator
    1441 N. Beckley Ave.
    Dallas, Tx 75203
    Phone: 214-933-8067 (Central Time)

    "I feel like SDFI Support Service is awesome. Even though we have a very self-explanatory guide I was facing some issues with some pictures last week and I was in touch with both Cipriano and Triston. They were awesome and so patient. Triston was on the phone with me last week in order to correct the technical fault and he was so efficient that he exactly knew what the problem was. He was able to coordinate with our own IT Department and make it so much easier for me. He is always willing to help and such a positive attitude. Thank you SDFI and Triston. "

    Matagorda Regional Medical Center

    Danielle Rodriguez, RN, CA/CP-SANE
    Registered Nurse, Forensic Nurse Examiner, Forensic Coordinator
    104 Seventh Street
    Bay City, Texas 77414
    Phone: 979-241-3319 (Central Time)

    "SDFI has been instrumental in starting our new forensic program. I am the only forensic nurse for a very large, rural community, with at least a 10-county spread. The SDFI-TeleMedicine System has made it easy for me to capture amazing quality forensic digital images, as well as safely and securely send them to the proper places while maintaining my chain of custody. This allows me to cut down on travel time for not only myself, but the law enforcement in the communities that I serve. This is so important in rural areas where those type of resources are sometimes scarce. "

    Texas Health Stephenville Hospital

    Audrey Green, BSN, RN, CA/CP-SANE, LNC-CSp
    SANE Coordinator
    411 North Belknap
    Stephenville TX 76401
    Phone: 254-965-1500 (Central Time)

    "The representatives that did the SDFI training at Texas Health Resources Stephenville Hospital were great! They were very thorough with the information and very patient. The guides that come with the SDFI Camera System are very 'user friendly' and explain the computer process of the SDFI System clearly. Since the training, I have had a few questions about various things and when I called for support, the technicians (representatives) were very patient and helpful. The quality of the system is very well known and the quality of the customer service has been great! "

    Southwest Medical Center

    Jandi Head, RN
    ED Nurse Manager/SWSAS Coordinator
    315 W 15th
    Liberal, KS 67901
    Phone: 620-629-6442 (Central Time)

    "We recently purchased the SDFI system and we love it! It is an excellent camera system with great storage capabilities. It is easy to use; with everything already labeled and the step by step instructions on downloading images and sending them make the process seamless, and the training we received for the camera was fast, fun and filled with great information. Thank you for this exceptional product! We are putting it to great use! "

    Western Maryland Health System

    Debi Wolford RN FNE A P
    DV/FNE Program Coordinator
    12500 Willowbrook Road
    Cumberland, Md. 21502
    Phone: 240-964-1333 (Eastern Time)

    "As the FNE/DV program coordinator for our hospital system, I have seen many different systems used in our medical evidence examinations but none compares to the SDFI-TeleMedicine System.

    We love our new SDFI System! Our onsite trainer was fantastic, very prepared and versed with the SDFI Camera System, the SDFI Software System and the SDFI File Portal System.

    I have to say from my first phone call to SDFI up to yesterday, when they called us because they hadn't heard from us since last week, has been a great experience!

    SDFI is a professional system that every FNE or SANE program in the Country should be using!

    Geary Community Hospital

    Chrissy Fink, RN, CMRP, SANE
    Contract Coordinator Materials Management
    1102 St. Mary's Road
    Junction City, KS 66441
    Phone: 785-210-3329 (Central Time)

    “We had a very small group which made the training so much more personal. Our SDFI trainer was fantastic!

    He worked very well with us and I would recommend him to train anyone. I felt very comfortable with the SDFI Camera System and software with the training..."The books are fantastic!" I love the step by step books and will love them even more at 3:00 a.m. when I can't remember what I'm doing!!!! I know this is supposed to be about training day, but I have been working with two other staff members as well throughout this setup...they both have been wonderful in helping me get this up and running!

    I would truly recommend SDFI for the customer service and support alone! "

    Carolinas HealthCare System

    Lori Clark RN, BSN, SANE-A/FNE
    Clinical Coordinator
    920 Church Street
    North Concord, NC 28025
    Phone: 704-403-2471 (Eastern Time)

    “In a letter from Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office..."Lori Clark RN, BSN was the one who took the forensic photographs of the victim's injuries."

    "There is no doubt that Lori's photographs and testimony in court assisted us greatly in receiving a conviction in Marsh's case. He was a violent habitual felon and received two life sentences."

    "The jurors were interviewed when the trial was over and several of the jurors mentioned that they liked Lori and that her photographs and testimony impacted their decision."

    Detective A.G. Samples
    Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office
    Concord, N.C. 28025

    Sexual Assault Services of Calhoun County/Bronson Battle Creek

    Phyllis Van Order, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P
    SANE Program Coordinator
    36 W. Manchester ST.
    Battle Creek, MI 49037
    Phone: 269-245-3903 (Eastern Time)

    “THANK YOU so VERY much for your assistance & support!......I appreciate your working with our local IT staff within our hospital system. You have a great product which has been made even better by your outstanding customer support!

    Love you & your products!!!!

    Harold's House - East Texas Alliance of Children

    Norma Sanford
    SANE Program Director
    109 Temple Blvd.
    Lufkin, Texas 75901
    Phone: 936-634-1999 x24 (Central Time)

    “I love this camera system set-up......I don't think I would use anything else!

    I actually previewed the SDFI system several years ago at a conference and came back to my health system and recommended purchasing the SDFI system for the SANE Programs on all of our campuses.

    I was able to push that through and I have been using the SDFI system ever since. I used an antiquated colposcope during the early years of my career and have been much more satisfied with the SDFI systems.”

    Carolinas HealthCare System

    Lori Clark RN, BSN, SANE-A/FNE
    Clinical Coordinator
    920 Church Street
    North Concord, NC 28025
    Phone: 704-403-2471 (Eastern Time)

    "As the SANE/FNE coordinator of our forensic nursing department, I have seen firsthand how valuable quality photographs must be in order for Law Enforcement (LE) to use them in their investigations. The quality of our work has been enhanced greatly by the SDFI-TeleMedicine System and their assessment tools they provide. Our program went from using a colposcope to a very basic digital camera to the SDFI system; and WOW is just one of the words that come to mind when comparing images from the different pieces of equipment.

    The SDFI system is very user friendly and their staff is dedicated to ensuring that all SANE team members are properly trained in using the system. When technical issues arise, a quick phone call ensures that the issue will get fixed quickly. I have been very impressed with SDFI and have had no complaints.

    We work closely with LE, prosecuting and defense attorney's. Our photographs, documentation and evidence collection process continues to impact their cases in a positive manner; adding to the judicial process to bring closure to all parties involved.

    I highly recommend the SDFI TeleMedicine System and welcome correspondence from those seeking information regarding my experiences with the SDFI system and their staff."

    Antelope Valley Hospital

    Mary Reina MSN, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P
    Forensic Services Unit (FSU) Director
    1600 W Avenue J
    Lancaster, CA 93534
    Phone: 661-949-5572 (Pacific Time)

    "As the Director of the Forensic Services Unit at Antelope Valley Hospital, I have used the SDFI-Telemedicine system since 2007. Our hospital based program operates out of the second busiest emergency department in Southern California. In 2015 our program has seen over 1,500 forensic/medical cases that we have assessed and documented. These cases, including kidnappings, strangulations, sexual assaults, interpersonal violence, child abuse/ neglect, elder abuse/neglect, law enforcement injuries, and other abuse/assault related injuries, were all photographed. The quality of our work has been enhanced by the SDFI-TeleMedicine System. The mobile ability we have with SDFI, as well as the clear photographs we take, has helped our program's response.

    I love it, the quality of the photos as well as the customer support. I have also testified as to the SDFI Negative Invert Filter multiple times and one case was challenged at the California supreme court level and held up.

    I know that SDFI, coupled with the tenacity and hard work of my forensic nurses, has made an impact on the lives of many alleged victims and suspects here in the Antelope Valley. We work very closely with law enforcement and the District Attorney's office and our photographs and evidence collection continue to positively contribute to the judicial process.

    I would be happy to recommend the SDFI Telemedicine system and to be contacted in regards to my experience with SDFI, both the product and the company."

    Methodist Dallas Medical Center

    Amanda Peña, RN, BSN, CA-SANE
    EMS/SANE Coordinator
    1441 N Beckley Ave
    Dallas, TX 75203
    Phone: 214-947-8493 (Central Time)

    "As the SANE Coordinator of our new program, I had to upload photos to the SDFI Secure Work Area for the first time this week. I utilized the workbook with detailed step-by-step instructions. When the job was done, I was amazed at how easy the upload was. I actually called SDFI Tech Support to confirm I did everything correct and I did. Uploading the photos from the SDFI Camera System to the SDFI Secure Work Area was effortless. Thank You SDFI."

    Eisenhower Medical Center

    Jill Crum RN, BSN, SANE-A
    39000 Bob Hope Dr
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92262
    Phone: 760-861-2612 (Pacific Time)

    "We began using the SDFI system in 2007, prior to that we had a Colposcope which was very cumbersome to use. In our search to find a better way to photo document our cases, we went through many different styles of cameras (polaroid, point and shoot, etc.) and photo software programs, none of which provided us the quality, ease of use and software assistance that the SDFI system has. We are very happy with SDFI, and would recommend this camera system not only to forensic programs, but any program, where quality photos are required."

    Harris County Hospital District

    Stacey A. Mitchell, DNP, RN
    Director, Forensic Program
    2525 Holly Hall, Ste 245
    Houston, TX 77054
    Phone: 713-566-2013 (Central Time)

    "The SDFI Telemedicine System allows for my team to be completely mobile. We are able to respond to any of our System's 15 facilities and perform the medical-forensic exam in any venue. The telemedicine system makes it so easy to get information to law enforcement and the attorneys on the case. The ability to encrypt any file gives me peace of mind knowing that the files are totally secure when they are sent."

    Regions Hospital

    Ellen Johnson
    SANE Program Supervisor
    640 Jackson St
    St Paul MN 55101
    Phone: 651-254-1611 (Central Time)
    E-Mail: Ellen.M.Johnson@HealthPartners.Com

    We have had our SDFI Camera System since December 2011. It takes excellent photos if the SANEs follow their training. As with anything, it has a learning curve. The pictures taken with The SDFI Camera System at our main program are superior by far to the point and shoot cameras used at our satellite facilities.

    SDFI staff will teach you how to use the SDFI Negative Invert Filter to be able to see injuries that are not easily viewed. It is just another way of viewing and can be helpful to augment viewing of subtle findings by providing contrast. This will be taught after you get used to your system so you can take one bite at a time and not be overwhelmed. We don’t really take photos of areas where we cannot see an injury, but I think I will start to take some and experiment a bit with this myself.

    One of the best things with the SDFI system is the support from the company and the tech support. They are a company with superb integrity who will work with you to help solve problems you run across. Of course there will be problems. A couple of weeks ago our pictures could not be loaded into the network drive. However it was not an SDFI problem. Our facility had done an upgrade that messed our computer system up. Triston was able to get us up and running within minutes of my phone call because he diagnosed the problem, updated the software, reinstalled some and did it quickly . These guys are sharp! I am not a techie person so I really respect those who are.

    One of the most important qualities of this system is the security of the images and their handling when you send them electronically. I like the fact that the nurse just needs to take the photos and does not have to handle the transfer to LE. I do not send genital photos to LE, so I hold those back and only give them to prosecution after the prosecutor, and hopefully defense attorney at the same time, come to my office to view the photos.

    "I just have to say how much I appreciate your kind help whenever I call with a question regarding the SDFI Camera System or questions about how to manage the photos. I consider myself to be minimally competent from a technology standpoint, so it is a huge comfort knowing that I can call for help and not be belittled for my sometimes stupid questions. Your system is wonderful, but it is the ongoing tech support that makes it superb! Thanks a million!!"

    Sexual Assault Services of Northwest New Mexico

    Kathy Meredith
    SANE Coordinator
    812 W. Maple, Ste. D
    Farmington NM 87401
    Phone: 505-325-2805 (Mountain Time)

    "Adding the SDFI system to our program has enhanced the quality of the photo documentation portion of our exams. The system is extremely user friendly, the SDFI technical support staff are great!!!! The staff is always willing to teach!!!"

    Wesley Medical Center

    Karen Wilson-Diehl
    Assistant Nurse Manager, SANE/SART
    550 North Hillside
    Wichita KS 67214
    Phone: 316-962-9122 (Central Time)

    "Just a few words about my experience with SDFI – the support is phenomenal, the training is great, and the camera system and the software system are very user-friendly! Having worked with SDFI at two different forensic nursing programs, I would definitely recommend (and have recommended!) your company to other programs. I don't think we could do our job as well without SDFI!"

    University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston

    Nellie Loewen
    UTMB Trauma Center
    301 University Blvd
    Galveston TX 77555-1176
    Phone: 409-772-7115 (Central Time)

    "The SDFI system is very easy to use. If you have trouble recalling the procedure to upload or send images, step by step books are provided for reference using snapshots, arrows, and instruction. Initially you may have to use the book however because it is so easy I soon was downloading and sending images without using the books. The images are securely stored requiring a passphrase to access them.

    I really appreciate the fact that we do not have to transfer any images to a disc when they are requested because the images are sent electronically. This is not a long process. The person receiving the virtual file is the only one that can open it with a passphrase so the images remain secure.

    We started using SDFI in 2008. A week later the computer was destroyed. The images that were taken were kept safe in another area however we lost the entire software program. As soon as I called SDFI, they immediately restored the computer programs. The tech support is excellent. Not being completely computer savvy, I initially had to call quite frequently and each time I received a prompt reply. My issues are the typical user error versus system errors.

    When we broke our SDFI Camera System, they sent us a loaner replacement for use to use until ours was repaired."

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