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SDFI File Portal Security


SDFI File Portal Security SDFI®-TeleMedicine is “Secure Beyond Reasonable Doubt®! Download this document to get all of the technical information as to why SDFI File Portal Security affords your organization to move PHI and forensic data securely without breaking the chain of custody.

SDFI Rolling Stand Dolly With Over The Shoulder Soft Carrying Case


The SDFI Rolling Stand Dolly allows for… • easy and fast mobility to maneuver your SDFI Camera System during forensic medical exams • SDFI Rolling Stand Dollies are designed to attach to your existing SDFI Camera Stand. It allows you to roll the camera stand into position then lock wheels in place before taking pictures and/or video. Current SDFI Clients! Receive $50 Credit toward this product when you exchange your old SDFI Stand Carry Case. Free Shipping in the Continental US, shipping fees may apply if outside this area. Call SDFI at 310-492-5372

SDFI White Reference Guide


A reference guide for legal, technical and medical professionals Interested in learning about the relationship between the three different and distinct response teams that use and support secure digital forensic imaging.

Using SDFI’s Negative Invert Filter In Court


Download this information to educate other professionals within your field of excellence, including technology, medicine and law.

SDFI Blue Negative Invert Filter Guide (A How-To Guide)


A Guide To Applying SDFI's Negative Invert Filter.

SDFI Is Beyond HIPAA Security 2017 - (Includes all references)


SDFI®-TeleMedicine Security is Beyond HIPAA Security. This FREE download explains how SDFI-TeleMedicine is secure for both forensic evidence and Protected Health Information (PHI). It is beyond HIPAA Security. This also covers how forensic exams are NOT Covered Entities under HIPAA.