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Standard SDFI Camera System

Standard SDFI Camera System enables you to capture images and video hands-on and hands-free within the visible light spectrum. Call 310-492-5372 for details
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 Standard SDFI Camera System

Remote Computer Software Install & On-site Training Day Event - 1 day, 1 time, 1 location (Max 8 Attendees per training day) (The event will be SDFI technical, not medical or clinical.) (REQUIRED)
SDFI Image Management & Security Software (remote install)
12-Months Access to the SDFI Secure File Portal with 2GB Online Temp. Storage
1 SDFI Pre-configured SLR Digital Camera System
SDFI Stainless Steel Hardwired Remote Medical Foot Pedal
SDFI Handheld Hard Wired Camera Remote
Rechargeable Camera Batteries & Battery Charger
Portable Camera Carrying Case
Muli-GB SD Cards / USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader
SDFI Low Profile Quick Release Camera Stand & Carrying Case
Photomacrographic Scales (in camera case lid)
SDFI Green Guide:  A Guide to Storing, Securing & Sending SDFI Secure Files
SDFI Yellow Guide:  A Guide to Downloading SDFI Secure Files
SDFI Hand Maps & SDFI Bookend Cards
One Year Manufacturer's Camera Warranty
** Unlimited Remote Technical Support for SDFI Digital Camera System
** Unlimited Remote Technical Support for SDFI Image Management Software System (Single User License)
** Unlimited Remote Technical Support for SDFI Security Software System (Single User License)
** Unlimited Remote Technical Support for SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal System (Single User License)

What:  SDFI-TeleMedicine provides SIX Main Components that consist of the complete SDFI Forensic Photodocumentation System

•    SDFI Hardware Equipment and Components - Click To See Details
•    SDFI Image Management & Security Software - Click To See Details
•    The Secure SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal - Click To See Details
•    Written Protocols and Workflow Processes - Click To See Details
•    SDFI Forensic Camera Training and Education - Click To See Details
•    Customer Support - Click To See Details

When:  When you provide photodocumentation on patients, alleged victims and suspects during…

•    Forensic-Medical Exams – Anogenital Assessments
•    Strangulation Exams
•    Child Abuse Exams
•    Elder Abuse Exams
•    Domestic Violence Exams

 Why:  So you can…
•    Shoot,
•    Review & Securely Store,
•    and send diagnostic quality images and video while staying patient centric


Call 310-492-5372 for details