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The SDFI Store & Send System

The SDFI Store & Send System combines the SDFI Image Management Software with the SDFI Negative Invert Filter, Loupe Tool with the AES 256 bit Military Level Encryption Security Software. This combination enables you to see images better when evaluating and safely store pictures and data on your own network or computer keeping the chain of custody. This product also includes The SDFI Secure File Portal that enables you to move data securely between locations. See below for a full description. Call 310-492-5372 for details
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The SDFI Store & Send System

One SDFI Machine License
SDFI Negative Invert Filter
SDFI Loupe Tool
SDFI Image Management & Security Software (remote install)
Secure File Portal: 12 Month Unlimited 24 hour use of the SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal.  98% system up-time. (annual subscription after the first year $900 (optional)
SDFI Green Guide:  A Guide to Storing, Securing & Sending SDFI Secure Files
SDFI Yellow Guide:  A Guide to Downloading SDFI Secure Files
** Unlimited Remote Technical Support for SDFI Security Software System (Single User License) (no annual fees)
** Unlimited Remote Technical Support for SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal System (Single User License) (no annual fees)

What:  SDFI-TeleMedicine provides SIX Main Components that consist of the complete SDFI Forensic Photodocumentation System

•    SDFI Image Management & Security Software - Click To See Details
•    The Secure SDFI-TeleMedicine File Portal - Click To See Details
•    Written Protocols and Workflow Processes - Click To See Details
•    Customer Support - Click To See Details

When:  When you provide photodocumentation on patients, alleged victims and suspects during…

•    Forensic-Medical Exams – Anogenital Assessments
•    Strangulation Exams
•    Child Abuse Exams
•    Elder Abuse Exams
•    Domestic Violence Exams

 Why:  So you can…
•    Review & Securely Store,
•    and send diagnostic quality images and video while staying patient centric


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