The SDFI®-TeleMedicine Forensic Camera System Is Your Security Solution!

Don't Allow Your Organization To Become The Victim Of A Data Breach.

No one wants a data breach for their organization, but in today's world, this is a very real risk we all face, on a daily basis. Intelligence agencies and hacker tools in the news have recently highlighted vulnerabilities in mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers. Couple that with all the permissions required to use your devices, you never know who is listening to, or looking at, your data.

2016 P.H.I. Data Breaches from Theft, Unauthorized Access, Hacking of Laptop/Desktop Computers and Cell Phones

- 944,665 patients had their "protected" health information stolen in 2016.
- $7.24 Million is the average cost paid by organizations for breaches.
- $221 is the average cost of each compromised record.
(*Data gathered by IBM research project "2016 Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study").

Fear not! The SDFI Forensic Camera System is the all-in-one solution to all of your security concerns and more!

SDFI Forensic Camera System The SDFI Forensic Camera System is designed with ease-of-use and security in mind. It accomplishes this, while providing incredibly high-resolution images that make evidence collection a breeze, AND because it is an actual camera system and not a cell phone, there is no concern that your apps will be listening in, or recording, without your knowledge, during an exam!

SDFI Negative Invert Filter The SDFI Image Management System provides CoN-Certified, military-grade encryption and forensic tools that not only protect your data with 256-bit AES encryption, but also helps you see better.

Store & Send With SDFI. The SDFI File Portal System allows you to securely send your data anywhere in the world to anyone with a high-speed internet connection. We apply a second layer of military-grade encryption to this process, so you can rest assured that no one but your intended recipient gains access to the data. Couple that with the extensive reporting to show an unbroken chain of custody, and it's easy to see how the SDFI Forensic Camera System is the ultimate all-in-one package your organization can't afford to be without!

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